Identity HYDRATE Pure Spring Water
Identity HYDRATE Pure Spring Water
Identity HYDRATE Pure Spring Water

Identity HYDRATE Pure Spring Water

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Feel great. Be good.


Identity brings you crystal clear spring water from one of the cleanest water sources in the world. Our Norwegian water is slowly infused with a unique combination of minerals while traveling through nature’s undisturbed glacial filtration system deep underground, maintaining a constant temperature of 46°F all year round. Bottled by Telemark Kildevann AS in Norway at a state of the art production facility.

pH 6.2
Bicarbonate 8 mg/L
Calcium 2.2 mg/L
Potassium 0.4 mg/L
Magnesium 0.4 mg/L
Sodium 1.3 mg/L
Silicon 3.3 mg/L
Chloride 1.2 mg/L
Sulfate 1.6 mg/L

Straight from nature, a delicious experience made for you.

Identity's Green Line. A company built by Norwegians and Americans that value sustainable development. We take pride in our countries and strive to protect the beautiful lands that we call home. That is why we developed Identity’s Green Line, a standard we embrace to minimize our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

The Life Cycle of Identity Pure Spring Water. Explore the product life cycle of Identity Pure Spring Water to learn about the Green Line choices we make.

SOURCE: Pristine Secluded Spring in Telemark, Norway
BOTTLE: ⅓ Mile from the Source
PACKAGE: Choose from Recyclable Glass Bottle, Recyclable Plastic Bottle, 100% Recycled Plastic, or Recyclable Plant Based Carton, 82% Renewable Sources
DISTRIBUTE: Green Reusable Shipping Containers with Efficient Space Saving Design
USE: Integrity of Product from Source to Customer
RECYCLE: All Packaging is Recyclable

Back to Nature. The Scandinavian philosophy of friluftsliv is oneness between humans and nature. It describes a way of life that is spent exploring and appreciating nature. After all, Norway is one of the happiest countries on Earth. Identity Pure Spring Water captures the essence of this pristine secluded nature. In the modern world we live in, we got you. Be you.

Due to our Green Line standards, this product is only available to our wholesale clients.