Behind Identity

Making Products We Can Be Proud Of

This is what happens when Norwegians and Americans come together to combine the best of both worlds.

Identity Founder

We’ve been there.

Products you can trust

Family Farms + Innovative Science

Identity combines organic, natural ingredients with high level science to bring a line of exceptional CBD products to the market.

Working with small family farms on one hand and highly sophisticated Norwegian food and water companies on the other, Identity has found a new way of developing CBD products.

Hold the aftertaste

We have great taste.

Our Process

Quality Focused

Sustainability, innovation and quality are central to everything we do in refining nature's finest products in Norway and America.

State of the Art Facilities
Organic Ingredients
Decades of Expertise

Identity CBD

Grown in the USA


Identity's Green Line

The standard we embrace to minimize our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Our Norwegian roots embraces recycled and recyclable products. Norway recycles 97% of all plastic bottles.

Our Mission

We got you.

Our Team

The Identity Family

We are a team of people around the world with a common goal: to help those we love. We office from the West Coast through the Mountain States and the Midwest to the Gulf Coast and then across the ocean to Norway.