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We are a company built by Norwegians and Americans to bring you quality products that find the balance between small family farms and innovative science. We want to empower you to live healthy, live happy and be you.

Superfood Creamer - Vanilla Superfood Creamer - Honey Superfood Creamer - Coconut Superfood Creamer - Cacao Superfood Creamer Taster Pack - 2 Each

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Superfood Powder with CBD

Sometimes the rough days are the ones that bring us the most growth. Try our coconut based superfood creamer that pairs excellent with any smoothie, coffee, tea, dessert or simply just add hot water. Experiment with your own recipes or try ours.

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Bone Broth - Chicken Bone Broth - Chanterelle Mushroom Bone Broth - Ginger Ramen Bone Broth with CBD - Chanterelle Mushroom Bone Broth with CBD - Ginger Ramen

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Bone Broth

High quality proteins made available through innovation. Rich in peptides, these easy-to-digest proteins are easily available to the body. Our highly sustainable proteins come from continuous enzymatic hydrolysis with super fresh Norwegian poultry straight from the source. Norwegian poultry is among the healthiest in the world.

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