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Identity International is an American health and wellness company offering next level premium CBD and Non CBD products powered by nature.

Combining organic, natural ingredients with high level science, Identity International brings exceptional products to the market in the food, drink and skincare categories. These products both taste and smell good without any trace of the bitterness that so often is associated with CBD products. The company has gotten rid of this aftertaste altogether and has worked with food scientists to find the perfect combination of taste in the products. From the superfood creamer (for hot and cold drinks, desserts and baked goods), to the savory bone broth (with and without CBD for soups, sauces and hot drinks), Identity is developing products for any lifestyle.

For the past three years Identity International has been developing premium CBD and non-CBD products in partnership with industry leading companies from Norway and America. After investing millions of dollars and years of research & development, these exceptional products are now available to the American market as of July 2020.

The main office is based in Mercer Island, WA. Identity has team members officing from the West Coast through the Mountain States and the Midwest to the Gulf Coast and then across the ocean to Norway.

The development of this premium Identity line is driven by one man’s passion and personal, dramatic fight for his life. Fifteen years ago, Sydengen fell seriously ill. As a part of his recovery, his medical doctor introduced him to CBD. He used these products in combination with other medications and is convinced that the CBD was instrumental in helping him return to health again. He founded Identity with the desire to provide next level products to others, prioritizing health and wellness for happier, more productive lives.

Working with small family farms on one hand and highly sophisticated Norwegian food and water companies on the other, Identity combines modern science with premium ingredients, along with the decades of experience from our small and large business partners.

The Founder

At the end of 2005, Identity’s Founder (Rune Sydengen) started showing severe symptoms of a life threatening illness. Throughout years of testing, doctors misdiagnosed Rune with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) then SLE (Lupus). All the wrong and harsh medications caused his condition to deteriorate, drifting further and further away from recovery.

Then in 2012, Rune was officially diagnosed with Lymes Disease. The new medication he was prescribed worked wonders, but the side effects of the previous medicines and treatments had taken a serious toll on his entire body. As a part of the road to recovery his doctor introduced him to CBD. Soon he started having better days and was able to fight off the pain, headaches, nausea and weakness he was battling. He is convinced that the CBD played an instrumental role in his recovery.

Today, Rune is happy, healthy and back to leading a productive life. He now works around the clock helping others who are looking for a healthier and happier lifestyle. His dedication and passion provide the foundation for Identity’s natural and innovative products.

JULY 2020

Identity breaks barriers with next level CBD products

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Premium CBD Superfood Creamer

Plant-Based powder that can be used to stir, blend, sprinkle or bake with coffee, tea, smoothie or baked goods to enjoy 10 mg of premium CBD per serving.

Product Sheet

Premium CBD Tincture


Product Sheet

Premium CBD Topical Oil


Product Sheet

Premium Norwegian Bone Broth


Product Sheet

Premium CBD Capsules


Product Sheet

Premium CBD Lozenges


Product Sheet

Premium Norwegian Water

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